Giving birth to my first child was an experience that I will never forget.  It was a labor that lasted longer than I ever imagined and had some bumps that I didn't think I would encounter.  I am so thankful that Jessica was my doula to guide me each step of the way.  She was extremely knowledgeable on pain management techniques that helped to ease my discomfort during contractions.  Jess was by my side comforting me and encouraging me with her kind positive words allowing my husband to rest when needed.  She never overstepped or tried to take the place of my husband, but rather helped support him so he could support me.  Her support was a vital part of our team.  From our very first meeting to my post-partum visit, I could call, text, email Jess about anything and she always responded promptly.  And, when I didn't check in, she was the first person to call and check in which was very comforting considering my family is far away.  I am so thankful for my birth experience and I truly believe that I would not have had such a positive experience had she not been our doula.  ----Bequi

Having Jessica as our doula was a wonderful experience that took the pressure off of me.  I am so thankful that I was not the only support for my wife through her long labor.  Jessica did a great job letting me know what I could do to help and I was comfortable stepping out of the room knowing she was at my wife's side.  Jess was calm, loving, and supportive to me and my wife.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone having a baby.  ---Greg


When my Husband and I first met with Jessica her knowledge, warmth, and professionalism put us at ease.  I love her ability to present you with knowledge and birth options with a supportive level of indifference that is non-judgmental.  We knew she would be the perfect team mate for the intimate and painful adventure of giving birth to our first child.  She was readily available to answer my questions and help me overcome my fears.  Jessica provided us with all the necessary tools so we could be prepared for the big day.  When the pain came on Jessica was there to ease it, when I was afraid of the drive to the hospital Jessica knew how many contractions it would take to get there.  She and my husband worked side by side with pressure techniques to help me through my back labor.  All of these techniques were a saving grace would not have been available to us without Jessica.  She coached me with my breathing navigating me through all of the really difficult moments.  She only slept when I did. She was also a walking encylopedia of birth information by our side.  Jessica is incredible at what she does, truly invaluable.  I know without question that our labor and delivery would not have been nearly so successful without her.  I highly recommend Jessica as a Doula for before, during, and after labor and delivery.  She is a treasure.