HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education

What is HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method?

HypnoBirthing is a method of birthing without fear in a state of deep relaxation.  By removing the fear tension pain cycle, we open up the possibilities of calm joyous birth. HypnoBirthing uses self-hypnosis, guided imagery and deep relaxation during the birthing process. HypnoBirthing requires dedication and practice before the birth of your child. HypnoBirthing helps families birth calmly, safely, and gently.

HypnoBirthing classes are taught in a 5-class series.  Each class is 2.5 hours in length. During the class you will learn and practice:

  • Self-hypnosis techniques.

  • Breathing techniques for labor.

  • Fear release.

  • Exercises to connect with your baby and the transition into motherhood, fatherhood and a family.

  • How your body is uniquely designed to give birth naturally.

  • Prompts for the birth companion and ways for the birth companion to help during the birthing process.

  • Good pregnancy nutrition.


The cost of your class includes the book HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method and the Rainbow Relaxation CD or MP3 download card.


What to expect from a HypnoBirthing class series...
Benefits of HypnoBirthing...


  • Eliminates the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome before, during, and after birthing.

  • Eliminates or greatly reduces the need for chemical painkillers.

  • Shortens the first stage of labor by several hours.

  • Eliminates fatigue during labor, leaving mother fresh, awake and with the energy for actual birthing.

  • Eliminates the risk of hyperventilation from shallow breathing methods.

  • Promotes special bonding of mother, baby, and birthing companion.

  • More rapid postnatal recovery.

  • Returns birthing to the beautiful, peaceful experience that nature intended.

  • Creates a more integral role for the birthing companion

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Location: Three Feathers Holistic, Truckee, CA 

Class Dates/Times: Mondays Feb. 25, March 4, 11, 18, 25 6:00-8:30

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Cost: $325



Location: Reno

Class Dates/Time: 2019 Classes TBD Contact sierradoula@gmail.com if interested

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Cost: $325