Services Offered


The Doula-Client relationship begins with a free interview process. This interview is about one hour and is done in person.  Once Jessica is selected as your doula, she offers the following in her Doula package.


Jessica offers 2 prenatal visits, continuous labor and birth support, and 1 postpartum visit in her standard Doula package.  During the two prenatal visits Jessica, mom and other birth team members will develop rapport, review birth plan options and discuss infomed consent.  Jessica will answer questions you may have and will ask you questions to make sure you feel comfortable having all of the information you desire.  She can offer reading materials and resources to help you feel more informed to make decisions as a family.


Jessica will meet you during labor whenever you decide you need extra support.  She can meet you in early labor at home, or can provide phone support until you decide to go to the hospital or call the midwife for a home birth.  She will stay with you 1-2 hours after the birth of your baby to ensure breastfeeding has been established.


Jessica also includes a postpartum visit in her services.  This visit is done within 4-7 days after the birth of your baby.  During this visit she works with you to make sure transition to motherhood and parenthood is going well.  She helps to make sure breastfeeding has been established and that you have all of the resources you need as a new family.  She also helps you and the birth team process the birth experience and bring closure to the birth and the doula-client relationship.


Jessica is available by phone and text during her business hours before your birth and is on-call 2-weeks prior to your due date through 2-weeks after your due date or until the baby is born.  While on-call, she is available to you 24-hours a day once labor begins.


Service Area


Jessica offers her Doula services in Truckee, North Tahoe, Reno and the Sierra Foothills.  She is willing to travel but fees may increase depending on the location.




Jessica offers a sliding fee scale for her clients.  Call or email to inquire about her fees.